Inflatable mining solutions that improve operational safety and productivity.

Consider expensive rigid systems a thing of the past. M2P Engineering’s Minvent products provide the safest most cost effective inflatable solutions that will add value to your mining operation.


Inflatable Mining & Engineering Solutions

View our range of giant inflatable mining products suitable for industrial underground mine seals, plugs and formwork and mining ventilation control devices.

Minvent Product - Overhead Protection System (OPS)

Overhead / Underfoot Protection

OPS are without a doubt, the safest, most efficient and cost effective form of protection for personnel and infrastructure available today.

Minvent Product - Emergency Personnel Access Safety Systems (EPASS)

Ventilation Control

Including Emergency Seals, Emergency Personnel Access Safety Systems (E-PASS), Parastop, Regbratt & VentStop options.

Minvent product - shaft plug inflated

Plugs & Formwork

Our inflatable formwork and plugs are a quick and easy solution to otherwise complex works.

Minvent Product -Emergency & Routine Seal

Emergency & Routine Seals

Seals are commonly used in mining operations to control atmosphere in certain areas but can be utilised across a variety of industries.

Minvent Product - Enviromental Shelter

Isolation & Environmental Shelters

Our E-Shelters are customisable to suit any sheltering or isolation requirement. This type of Minvent Product is also able to be fit-out with accessories as required.


We supply a variety of smaller consumable products, including acoustic sock element covers, concertina ducting and blast hole liners.

Minvent product - guage

Research & Development

M2P is undertaking various R&D projects currently and we’re always eager to turn new ideas into engineered solutions for our partners. We love to develop better ways of getting things done.


For further information regarding M2P Engineering’s Minvent Products, please download a copy of our brochure.


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